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Looper Puzzle

Price: $14.95

Looper Puzzle™ - This looping sliding puzzle looks simple enough but is challenging for even the most avid puzzlers. Select the image to jumble, and the number of squares for difficulty. The "Par" tells you the minimum number of moves required to reassemble the image. Good Luck!

The bright, crisp graphics give this game lots of eye catching appeal. Looper Puzzle™ includes 3 selectable images, plus 3 levels of difficulty possible by choosing the number of squares  (Looper 9, 16, 25) in the puzzle. Looper Puzzle™ is a puzzle game for the individual player and appeals to both adults and kids.

System Requirements

- Pentium
® II 166 MHz minimum w/32MB RAM
- Windows
® 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ XP
- 256 colors or greater
- Approximately 3.5 MB disk space

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