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Welcome to Puzzoo!

Your Daily Fortune
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Is your brain up to the challenge? (Thumb Jockeys need not apply!) Play one of our quick brain teasers and see if you can advance in levels. Try one of our strategy/memory games or puzzles and see how you score. Fast and fun play, but harder than you would think! Are you up to the test?

To challenge your ability to think ahead strategically, while remembering your last several moves, try our EXOR, EXORtoon or STAX games. For relaxation of a different sort, with peaceful graphics and fish you don't have to feed, try Fortune Pond. Then, there's a picture there...you're seeing it a bit at a time...what is it? First one to guess correctly gets the highest points. Try PixWiz for individual or family fun entertainment. And if your brain is tired and you just want some simple fun, check out a SumSumo wrestling match.

But most importantly, have fun!

PC and Mac Games
Pix Wiz - Have fun alone or with friends by racing to guess what picture is being revealed. more...

Looper Puzzle - Send your brain for a loop with this challenging slide puzzle game. more...

Exor - Enjoy tic-tac-toe with a twist in a game that requires you to remember the order of your moves. more...

EXORtoon - Experience all the fun of EXOR with the added feature of animated characters. more...

stax - Try to stack four in a row in thisaddicting game that will challenge your memory. more...

TriQ - Test your problem solving skillswith thiscolor matching game for serious puzzle lovers. more...

SumSumo - Use your sumo skills to force your opponent out of the dohyo. more...

Fortune Pond - Get your daily dose of Zen while Japanese koi dive deep in search of your fortune. more...


Mobile Games

We have mobile games for Nokia phones! Check with your carrier for availability.

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